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Many items of domestic use cannot be transported internationally and your mover must provide you with this list (plants, foods, flammables). You must also be informed, if known, of custom rules to recognize any boycotted products or materials which are banned in the destination country, such as liquor, fire arms or ammunition. You can make contact with the nearest consular of the destination country and get a copy of the most recent customs rules.

Custom duty for import of vehicles differs from country to country and is sometimes exceptionally high.

Pets are prohibited in some countries and others may have the need of an entry permit, health and rabies certificates or a quarantine period up to six months or longer at the owner’s expenditure.

Packing for an International move is very dissimilar from that of a local move i.e. within the United States. The whole thing must be covered and arranged inside large water-resistant plywood, metal or fiberglass boxes called lift vans or loaded straight into ship containers (20 ft and 40 ft). You must not pack your own possessions. Because of current terrorist threats, self-packing is not permitted. Professional international movers make use of specifically designed cartons that are weighty sufficiently for delicate items. Most of the international movers will pack and load the containers at your house.

A number of paperwork’s must be completed to keep away from difficulties at destination. Applications for these forms must be made in advance as early as possible.

Some of these essential documents are:

* Passports,

* Certificate of Registration,

* US Export Forms,

* Visa,

* Residence and Work Permits,

* Medical and Immunization Certificates,

* International Driving Permits, and

* Marriage Certificate.

Most of the professional movers will necessitate payment at completion of load. You can go straight into the office and make the payment there, for the genuine weight and services. After that your shipment will be released from port of origin. If you take too much time to make payment, then your shipment will collect storage charges, at your expenditure.

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