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  Preplanning for Overseas Moving :
Several steps for preplanning an international move are quiet alike to those of a local move. Do not obtain rates from internet, ensure that the moving company is willing to come out to your home for an illustrative survey and has made you available the International Relocation Brochures. Special payments should be made, though for the extra length of time in transportation, the required documents and the different rules existing in the United States and foreign countries. The first step is the choice of a qualified and professional forwarder who has global capabilities and can organize moves to and from the United States, as well as inter-country moves. Such a forwarder handles the complete procedure of the move from the shipper's house at starting point to the shipper's residence at destination, or "door-to-door" service. Other forwarders may only be able to deliver your possessions from one port to another port in the destination country. You must then organize for the pick up of your possessions from that port to your new house. By using a "door-to-door" service provider you will have only one invoice, offering entire liability from the starting point to the destination. Most of the big local domestic movers offer total forwarder service.

Most of the major local domestic movers have their own International Divisions that will work along with the agent you have chosen as per rate and choice of a destination agent. Even though most movers won't meet all of these decisive factors, here are five vital things to look for in a professional mover:

* The mover has been doing business for minimum 1 year.

* The mover is a FIDI Member - www.fidi.com

*RIM (Registered International Mover) Certification.

* OMNI (Overseas Movers Network International)

* ISO 9002 Certified
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